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From: Chloe and JamesSunday, 15/Jan/2017 16:07
Ziggy and Felix have now stayed at Cataway twice and we recommend it to everybody.

Sabine provides purposefully designed spaces that the cats love and accommodates to their individual needs.

Felix is young and very shy and timid around strangers. However, after each stay at Cataway we have noticed a huge growth in his confidence. After his second stay, not only is he hanging around new people, but he will let them pet him and even cuddle him.

The only thing I can fault Cataway on is that when I go to pick Ziggy and Felix up, they do not want to come home with me, but rather keep living there!

See you again soon :)

From: Shannon DoddThursday, 21/Apr/2016 14:01
Thankyou Sabine for looking after our 2 new family members Gibbs & Abby. They have come back to us more loving and playful. As you know i have booked them in again for next month. Once again thankyou, will certainly recommend your service to my friends.
thanks Shannon
From: Margaret GleesonWednesday, 30/Mar/2016 08:04
My name is Ziggy I have just come home from my Easter holiday I had a wonderful time and I have new friend Geoffrey he was so nice to me don't tell my mum ,I have a boyfriend can't wait Togo back to see him
From: Julie & TauTuesday, 17/Mar/2015 13:23
Another wonderful stay for our cat Casey, she is very timid and Sabine is so very gentle with her. She is so well looked after. You won't find a better cattery anywhere I'm sure. Thank you Sabine, we will see you again in July.
From: Bev FrancesSaturday, 14/Mar/2015 18:09
Yeti is dreaming of his vacation next week with Sabine..

From: Robert & GayleneSaturday, 07/Mar/2015 20:07
Thank you Sabine for another great stay. It was wonderful to see Peachy confident enough to be vocal when we arrive and come straight out of the room and Shadow was also out in the open instead of hiding. It is an amazing job you have done with them in the few months they have been coming and visiting you. We can go on holiday and know they are loved and well looked after.
See you again soon
Robert & Gaylene
From: Julia WrightSaturday, 08/Nov/2014 08:51
Thank you so much for looking after our Lily cat who is very timid and hates being away from her mother. She has come home more confident than ever and enjoyed her stay with Sabine.
From: Emily Friday, 17/Oct/2014 19:02
What a wonderful cattery ! Thank you very much Sabine for taking such lovely care of Harley. He was right at home at his holiday house aka the Motorhead room. He was ever so happy and content when we came to pick him up and it is great knowing he will be so well cared for on future holidays. Thanks again !
From: Kylie DolanMonday, 06/Oct/2014 14:40
Thank you so much Sabine and Werner for taking such great care of our fur baby Ruby for two weeks so we could enjoy our family holiday in Rarotonga. It was comforting to know Ruby was in great hands and would be well looked after and safe. See you in December when Ruby comes for another holiday :-)
From: Mineke and ArjenSunday, 05/Oct/2014 20:27
Purr Purr, my name is Tiger, I am almost 15 years and my owners sold our house and they don't have another house yet. So Sabine and Werner looked after me for almost 3 months. I was quite scared at first, but Sabine is such lovey lady, she spoiled me, cared for me and loved me. Then I wasn't scared anymore. Now I'm home and I send a zillion furry purrs to Sabine and Werner for looking after me so well. xxxxxxxxx
From: Helen & GraemeThursday, 02/Oct/2014 08:25
Our cats stayed with Sabine & Werner for more than a fortnight while we moved house- and we are so grateful for the wonderful care they received while they were there. Mack is very timid, and Widget can't jump far- so a special ramp was provided and Werner tempted Mack with treats so that both were most reluctant to leave, and their adjustment to their new home was made so much easier - both were happy and relaxed from the start. Thank you both so much again, from Mack and Widget and from us- for all the trouble we gave you before the cats arrived! The cats have found their new home away from home.
From: Robert & GayleneSaturday, 23/Aug/2014 16:26
Thank you Sabine for taking such good care of Peachy & Shadow. They are very shy cats that are not used to people but your lovely rooms and the affection you gave them made them feel at home. We even didn't get the silent treatment when we got home so they must have felt very comfortable.
The love and care that are given by both you and your husband is wonderful.
We were so impressed we have already booked them in for another stay.
From: Denise BellWednesday, 13/Aug/2014 12:37
My Mum worried about leaving me the first time I stayed as she had not had a good experience with a previous cattery.
I loved my stay with Sabine, so much so when my Mum came to pick me up I didn't want to go home.
I have been back a couple of times since and my Mum doesn't worry anymore.
Thank you Sabine, Love Perle
From: Jenny PalmerTuesday, 12/Aug/2014 21:41
Many thanks for having Theo. He came home a very contented pussy cat. Rest assured we will be back. Thanks Sabine. Regards Jenny.
From: RosaWednesday, 06/Aug/2014 17:49
Thank you once again Sabine and Werner for the beautiful care you gave my cherished cats over the last six days. Once again Liesl cried as we left the cattery. I thought I would have to turn around and take her back to you permanently. Luckily she has settled down since we got home. Oliver my ratbag kitten is still full of beans and obviously had a great time exercising you both ha ha xxxxx many thanks for the great care
From: Lynne LarkinsTuesday, 18/Mar/2014 14:18
Hi, I'm Sparky and I just wanted to thank the folks at Cataway Waiuku for taking exceptional care of me while my mum and dad were shifting house. I didn't have a great start to my life, being severely abused by some really nasty people until my mum an dad rescued me and I joined their family so I've got some real trust issues and didn't really like a lot of attention.
The folks at Cataway love me like I am part of their family and I felt really relaxed and confident there. My mum keeps saying how much more settled and content I am and how I now really enjoy cuddles and spending time in the house with the family.
Anyhow I really want to say a big THANK YOU for looking after me so well and showing me that other people apart from my mum and dad love me too. I hope I can come visit again I LOVED it. By the way mum says it you want to talk to her about how happy she is with Cataway just give her a call on 0274 788618. Anyway I'm just off to enjoy an other Puuurrrfect day in the sunshine .... until next time Luv SPARKY
From: GeoffreyWednesday, 05/Feb/2014 17:21
I travelled a long way in my box to get to Cataway but it was totally worth it. I had heard from my fellow fluffy friends that this was THE finest hotel around. And it sure was!
This was my first time in a cattery and my owners were quite nervous, they were even thinking about putting off their holiday! There was lots of fussing but they did it! I was glad for a break I tell ya!
I adored Sabine and she was so welcoming. My owners packed my own toys but Cataways are way cooler. It is every kittens dream!
I loved my individual room (and checking out the other amazing rooms for future visits). When I went to the large play area I played and played and played with my new best friend Sabine and loved running, jumping and especially scratching things (without being told off!).
Thank you Cataway for a truly enjoyable stay, my owners are so happy. I can't wait for them to go on holiday again so I can visit soon.
From: Katrin WaiteFriday, 17/Jan/2014 15:13
I chose the place because of the good reviews online and was not dissapointed. I could tell my Birman girl Pepper enjoyed her stay at Cataway. She didn't seem too keen on leaving. When I dropped her off at Cataway I could tell straightaway she would be well cared for here because of the adorable individual, spacious suites into the creating of which obviously a lot of love for cats had gone into. I will definitely choose Cataway again.
From: Nicola FiebigerTuesday, 14/Jan/2014 07:43
Cataway Cattery is like a "home away from home" for cats. The cattery is immaculately presented. Thank you to Sabine for offering such a wonderful, friendly service. I would have no hesitation to recommend this cattery.
From: Jocelynne HyndsThursday, 31/Oct/2013 11:11
My precious boy, Jonty, is nearly 19 years old and very nervous. When I left him at a different cattery he would not come out of his small cage. If taken out he would panic.

Cataway is the perfect place for him. He feels secure and has plenty of room to move around. Sabine was happy to stick to his routine including brushing him every day and giving him his special diet.

I could relax on my holiday knowing not only was he cared for but given lots of love and attention in his spotlessly clean temporary home.
Will certainly be back if needed. Thanks Cataway
From: Rosa AndreefWednesday, 18/Sep/2013 21:22
You know, it's really simple. If you are looking for a place to lodge your cat while you are away use any cattery, however if you are looking for a place where you know your cat will be cherished, loved and well looked after in your absence there is only one cattery owned by two wonderful people Sabine and Werner that you could only ever consider. I had my Liesl booked in for 2 weeks when bad luck came my way and after a trip fell and broke an arm and leg resulting in me having to suddenly contact Sabine and ask if Liesl could come a bit early and stay until I could return to my home - 7 weeks later!!!! Poor Liesl was quite stressed after it took family members 5 days to catch her and was in quite a state when she came to Cataway. A lot of worry was taken off my shoulders as I soon realised by Sabine's frequent updates that Liesl was not only coming right but doing well and even had Sabine wrapped around her paw resulting in Sabine falling for her and feeling sorry for her upgrading her to a larger room and that meant more than I can say. I am one lucky cat owner finding Sabine and Werner. Thank you so much. Liesl has settled in well back home but missing all her brushing and fussing I'm sure. I get a few complaints from her and for the first few days she wondering around looking for her "other mum" I think :] oh and yes Liesl does think she is worth it!
From: Bev FrancesTuesday, 16/Jul/2013 23:48
I left my gorgeous boy Yeti with Sabine & Werner with just a little trepidation. He was treated so very well and loved too! He has strange water fetishes that they allowed him to have - mugs of water etc - and took his medicine each morning as usual with no fear! Outstanding care for my odd boy, I could not have asked for more. Werner even got to know his moods & told him no when he got obstreperous AND Yeti obeyed. Loving, dedicated care, excellence in all things including feeding and petting with love. This is Buckingham Palace (with servants!) for cats, go no-where else. I am happy and content to leave Yeti under their care when I am away. My very fond regards to two very genuine people, Sabine & Werner,

From: Melanie WilsonThursday, 21/Mar/2013 13:49
Thank you for the wonderful care you took of my Mikey (Mr Moo Moo). Mikey is certainly one very unusual boy!!! He will be coming back next time we go away.

All the bext Melanie and Mikey
From: Rosemary EdenWednesday, 13/Mar/2013 15:20
I echo the remarks made by other people who have left their cat/s in the fond care of Sabine and her husband. Don't think my cat Buster wanted to come home, I had to drag him out of there :-) Many thanks Sabine, hope to see you again, with Buster.
From: Margaret McAllansmithThursday, 07/Feb/2013 09:50
As soon as I walked in to Sabine's cattery I knew this was the one. A real home away from home. Back ground music and lovely themed rooms, most with a balcony window.
It is now Whisky's "home away from home".
Thanks Sabine.
From: Lorna and BusterWednesday, 23/Jan/2013 12:36
Buster is a new cat for us, being rather neglected in his previous life. Because of this we wanted to make sure he was well cared for when we were away.
Sabine exceeded in this, taking time to observe Buster and give him lots of love and attention. It's always a pleasure to chat to such a cat person as Sabine and have a look at the fabulous rooms, Busters home away from home from now on.
From: Midget and PebblesMonday, 21/Jan/2013 09:19
A big thank you and lots of purrs for letting us have the Cat-Dashian room to try out, we loved it, especially the big bay window and the private toilet facilities. One does like a little privacy when performing ones ablutions don't you think! That's not to say that any of the other rooms we have stayed in have been below expectations, far from it. Anyway, for all you other kitties out there, we have been coming here for a couple of years now and love this hotel, the rooms are serviced regularly and the meals are always fresh and on time with plenty of water. Massages are free and frequent and the background music and log fire in the winter are very welcoming. If you are looking for a home from home then this is the place to come, we can highly recommend it from personal experience. From two very well travelled cats.
From: Andrew and HannahMonday, 14/Jan/2013 16:23
We'd never sent Abbie to a cattery before so we were a little anxious. This being said Abbie seemed to very much enjoy her stay - she was relaxed and happy when we collected her. We'd definitely send Abbie back again - Sabine made the process easy and kept us updated whilst we were away.

Cheers and see you again soon,

Andrew, Hannah, & Abbie,
From: Julie ReevesSunday, 13/Jan/2013 19:25
Our precious ragdoll Teddy stayed at Cataway for 2 weeks over the Xmas period and we were very impressed! In the lead up to his stay Sabine was so helpful and reassuring, and we know he was looked after extremely well as he came home a very happy and relaxed cat - which has not been our experience with him at another cattery in the past. I highly recommend Cataway, it has the best service and the best facilities and care for our furry friends. Thanks so much Sabine! See you next time. :)
From: Tess & Coxie Saturday, 12/Jan/2013 13:28
It was our first time putting our cat Tilly into Cataway under the care of Sabine, when we went to pick Tilly up a fortnight later Tilly was in great spirits and obviously Sabine and her husband did a great job looking after her as tilly was very relaxed when we picked her up. Tilly will be back to stay at Cataway Waiuku! Thanks again.
From: Kim, Ella, Jessica and LucasWednesday, 09/Jan/2013 08:21
Thank you so much Sabine (and hubby) for taking such great care of our little Issy she had a wonderful stay and even managed to get a little bit fat. Issy will be back to stay in June (hopefully in the Jungle Room this time), thank you once again.
From: NatashaWednesday, 24/Oct/2012 09:12
Our cat Puss loves staying at Cataway. The service from Sabine is always exceptional. Cataway Waiuku is the best cattery we have used, the facilities are amazing!
From: Cosima DyerThursday, 20/Sep/2012 22:24
We were very pleased to book our adolescent cat into Cataway; the colour of the rooms and homely atmosphere,instead of clinical decoration helped us to relax about leaving our youngster for the first time.
Sabine conveys a true interest in the welfare of her furry clients,with a lot of attention to detail and again this intimate environment was what we were looking for.
Aladdin was handed back to us,in a happy healthy state with his long thick coat very well groomed (I know that's not easy) and with this I am VERY grateful for,as I did fear I might have some knots to tease or cut out because our pets fur is high maintenance,!!!!
Thank you Sabine for looking after our little bubbie as your own.
Best wishes from the Dyers.
From: Joanne GanleyThursday, 20/Sep/2012 19:13
Waiuku Veterinary Centre recommended Cataway Waiuku, but I had Googled it first which brought me to this website. I found it informative, engaging and impressive, so without hesitation I knew this was the perfect, cosy little paradise, for my cat Toru, I was searching for. Toru is nine months old and has been a guest twice at Cataway. He stayed in the Jungle Room and the Fairy Room and they are both gorgeous, fun and homely. I really like the set-up, top class for sure. I know Toru will be in good, reliable hands here, and Sabine who owns and operates the cattery is an approachable, friendly, positive person. I love that she spends quality time with her visiting cats as if they were her own. What more could you ask for? Thank you Sabine for your professional, friendly service. Toru is waving hello with his paw. :)
From: Fran & Julian MumfordTuesday, 10/Jul/2012 20:36
We booked our two cats Callie and Pepper for a 2 month stay whilst we were away on holiday.

For such a long stay we wanted to make sure we chose a place that would really take care of them. From the moment we visited Cataway to meet with Sabine and have a look round we knew we'd found the right place and felt very happy to book them in.

Sabine and her husband go out of their way to look after their "guests" and it really is a home-from-home - the level of care and attention to detail is first-class.

A lot of thought has gone into the rooms, which provide plenty of interest for the occupants and encourages exercise - overall an ideal, enriched environment, to keep cats stimulated. Add to that the personal attention that each cat receives and you have a very special place.

We went to pick up Callie and Pepper yesterday and when we arrived, we found them having a last stretch-out in front of the wood-burner. They were so relaxed and so obviously enjoying the company of Sabine and her husband that we did not think they would want to leave!

They have settled back home really quickly which I also think is a testament to how well they were looked after during their stay and how relaxed they must have been. We can thoroughly recommend Cataway and would not board our cats anywhere else. Thank you Sabine (and husband) for looking after them so well!
From: PippiFriday, 15/Jun/2012 08:37
I love staying with you Sabine (and your hubby)! You take such good care of me and give me heaps of cuddles and yummy food. This time I had such a great time I didn't want to go home. I'm really looking forward to my next visit. A big thank you! Love Pippi
From: PANDORAThursday, 07/Jun/2012 21:09
Thank u for a puuuurrrrrfect stay, i had so much fun and felt so loved i was actually a bit rude to Mum web i got home, but after a few cuddles i settled. I loved all the stimulation, the lovely roaring fire, the music and cuddles, thank u again, i hope Mum goes away again so i can stay again. Xxoo thank u
From: Tracey WongMonday, 07/May/2012 12:35
Thank you Sabine for taking such good care of our boy Murray. You and your husband go the extra mile to take care of the cats that come to stay with you. You can tell from the moment you walk into the building that the utmost care is taken in looking after our "babies". You are such a lovely lady, no wonder that the cats warm to you. Murray loves coming to Cataway and I think he especially loves the seafood buffet!! Thanks Sabine. Tracey and Sean Wong
From: adrienne huntTuesday, 10/Apr/2012 16:37
Thanks to Sabine, A wonderful cattery.
Thank you so so much for looking after our two precious Seal Ragdoll kittens over Easter. Despite them being so young I was so comfortable leaving them with you as I knew you would look after
them in your fabulous cattery.
I really hesitate to use the word "cattery " as it really is a home from
home and I know they were so happy and well cared for.
I had told my husband -Jim about you and he knew that the cattery and
yourself must be lovely as I was so happy to leave the boys , but he was
really impressed with your fab facilities and how friendly you and your
husband were.

So thank you again from Jim and I and Lennie and Macca . The boys had a
great holiday and so much attention I don't think they even missed us! They want to come back to stay again soon
Thanks again Sabine for all your care and attention to the details that make your cattery a place for our much loved fur children! Regards Adrienne , Jim and Lennie & Macca x
From: Sarah Gabrielle HallSunday, 22/Jan/2012 20:50
Booked My Cat Coco in for a week just before the holiday season. We were treated to a special afternoon tea before we dropped our cat off. Great communication from Sabine all the way through. Made us feel at ease and we could enjoy our holiday in peace knowing that Coco was in good hands. On return Coco was happy & was her normal little self. I highly recommend this cattery!!
From: Emma SilverthornThursday, 12/Jan/2012 19:20
George had a marvellous holiday over Christmas - he thoroughly enjoyed helping Sabine in the kitchen in the mornings! Thankyou Sabine for taking such great care of George.
From: Amanda GordonThursday, 12/Jan/2012 16:12
We booked our 5 month old kitten Poppy in with Sabine whilst we got away to the beach. Sabine also booked Poppy into the "beach suite" at Cataway. Poppy was so well looked after that when we came to pick her up, she looked completely at home. She made a couple of friends whilst she was there and had an absolute ball playing with all the toys. Thanks for looking after our baby for us Sabine and she will be back again for another visit when we go away.
From: Angela, Andrew and TabiTuesday, 10/Jan/2012 12:39
Sabine and her husband went above and beyond the call of duty for myself and our cat (Tabi). We were trying to get away on holiday and ended up being too late to deliver Tabi to the cattery. We would have had to wait until the next day to go away until Sabine changed her own schedule and managed to meet us at a half way point to collect Tabi from us. We will be always grateful. On our return we managed to see "Cataway" for ourselves and the premises are lovely...in fact Im surprised Tabi wanted to come home. Tabi was obviously well loved and cared for by both Sabine and her husband and I would reccommend them to anyone particularly anyone who like me was anxious as I left my Tabi girl at a cattery for the first time.
From: Gabrielle, Shane and MinxiMonday, 09/Jan/2012 19:45
It is always an anxious time choosing a holiday destination for your beloved 4 legged family members when you are heading away (especially when trying somewhere new). So with some trepidation I rang Cataway and spoke to Sabine. She is amazing and very welcoming, she invited me over to view the accomodation area for the cats and it looks so comfortable , you would almost stay there yourself (although the beds are a bit small). I was very happy for Minxi to stay there and I knew Sabine would look after her as though she was her own cat. I would recommend Cataway to EVERYONE, the place is amazing, Sabine is wonderful to deal with, her attention to detail and passion are unrivaled and this resulted in one VERY happy cat who is sad her holiday is over!!! Thank you so much Sabine and we will see you in September 2012!!!
From: Joyce QuickMonday, 12/Dec/2011 19:58
Cataway Waiuku - what a lovely place for my adorable and adored cat Lucia Maria to stay. She has her own beautifully funished room and time to spend in the lounge area too! Sabine loves all the cats in her care and her husband has his special name for Lucia (Choco Lips). Lucia comes home after her 'holiday' quite contented with life. Thank you Sabine
From: SNOOKI Thursday, 06/Oct/2011 18:40
Hi there it's me Snooki (from the "Papakura Shore") Well it's been nearly 2 weeks since I stayed with you and want to say a bigggggg thank you for looking after me while my family went on holiday. They loved the email with photos of me you sent them while on holiday made them know I was having a great time with you. I loved staying with you especially the awesome room I had(the fairy room) & heaps of cool toys to play with. Can't wait to stay again in the coolest cat motel ever a true 5 star accomodation. Thanks again, Snooki & family
From: The gang of 6 Tuesday, 23/Aug/2011 23:49
Harold, Floyd, Levi, Pixie, Angel, Felix and the late Sophie would like to thank Sabine for her lovely care and attention while we were away. I wont send my furbabies anywhere else anymore. We have tried several catteries in the district and none even come close to Cataway. Most times at least one has come home sick but never once with Sabine. She loves them to bits when they are there and looks after my babies as though they were her own. The attention to detail in the rooms is like nothing I have seen in a cattery before and the fireplace makes it just like home for them. Sabine even went out of her way to feed my Floyd chicken when he was on antibiotics and had trouble with other foods. I cant recommend Cataway enough, we definately wont be going anywhere else again! Thanks Sabine
From: Julie & TauTuesday, 23/Aug/2011 07:28
We left our cat Casey at Cataway with Sabine for a month while away on holiday, Casey was so well looked after with all the treats and love from Sabine that she is used to at home. Her own little private suite with toys and hideaways, the fire going all the time regular visits from her hostess, only problem was we thought she might not want to come home!!!
We would highly recommend Cataway for anyone who needs quality care with all the trimmings for there loved pet.
Thank you Sabine.
From: GibbonsTuesday, 02/Aug/2011 10:42
Hi my name is Lilly and I am a pedigree Birman and I expect the best !! Now my mum and dad go away in their caravan alot and I get to stay at Cataway Waiuku with Aunty Sabine. When I first saw my room (Jungle Room) I was just meoooowed away I just loved it. Aunty Sabine has a bean bag, plus toys plus little cubie holes for me to hide away in but I have to admit I do need to take along my blanky. I have to admit I do give Aunty Sabine little nips on the backs of her legs when she feeds me but that just to say I like you Aunty Sabine. So all you pussy cats out there if you need that special place and I mean special you give Aunty Sabine a call at Cataway.
PS: she also has the fire going for us too.
From: Marlene & RogerFriday, 29/Jul/2011 12:06
Cataway is a fabulous 'home away from home' for our darling Missy (a Sealpoint Siamese with extremely high expectations). The purpose built facility is warm, intimate and welcoming and Sabine has created a wonderful feline experience where her love for cats really shines through - she definitely understands the meaning of 'personal attention'. Missy has been a guest twice and although never happy to leave home we're always confident that she's in the very best of hands. We just love getting replies to our texts signed by Missy & Sabine. Well done Cataway!
From: Vern & MarieFriday, 10/Jun/2011 13:19
Wow - what an incredible cattery!!!! So inviting. Our two Rogdoll ladies Lucy & Ruby settled in straight away. The hardest part for us was the decision which room to pick - they are all so interesting and fun themed. In the end we picked the Aquarium Room, which is like all the other rooms beautifully furnished with anything a cat can wish for. And thank you Sabine for the email up-dates and photos, that was just great :-)
From: Pat SwannFriday, 27/May/2011 11:19
Our seven month old ginger kittens, Dolly and Ruby had an absolute ball at the Cataway Cattery, and came home relaxed, contented and happy. I was also very impressed with the hygiene and cleanliness of the cattery. Their services were excellent, delivered in a friendly and very caring manner, nothing was too much trouble. Sabine has put much thought and tender loving care into the design and comfort of the cat suites, plus the varied menu provided. I would not hesitate to recommend the Cataway Cattery to anyone and I have complete trust and faith in leaving my babies in the excellent care and protection of Sabine.
From: PitanzThursday, 12/May/2011 09:30
We highly recommend Cataway for every cat lover who wants their darling to be well cared for and lovingly looked after while on holiday! From the first time we walked in we were absolutely amazed by the attention to detail, warm and welcoming atmosphere and cleanliness of the place. Every room has its own theme with gorgeous design to the last detail and personal touch that only a true animal lover would think of. Our cats were as happy and relaxed as if they had stayed with one of us! Thanks Cataway!!
From: NicoleduTuesday, 26/Apr/2011 14:20
We have used Cataway twice, once when we went overseas for 5 weeks. We had regular emails and photos of our cats which was awesome, so we had peace of mind. On both occasions our cats were relaxed not stressed unlike other places we have taken them to. Sabine is very friendly and clearly has a love of animals so you know that they get heaps of cuddles and are really looked after. The rooms are spacious and the place is immaculate. Highly recommended to all.
From: Elaine PulleinSaturday, 23/Apr/2011 20:05
I have used Cataway 3 different times for my 2 cats and on each occasion the cats have been happy and beautifully cared for by Cataway's owners.The rooms are spacious and have lots of cosy corners for the cats to curl up in as well as toys to play with.The cattery is spotless.The owners go the " extra mile" with a log burner and treats for the cats and photos to my e.mail while I was away. I would recommend Cataway to all my friends and family.

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