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After many years of careful planning Cataway Waiuku opened the doors in July 2010. We have turned our attention to a great love of ours - cats. We have owned quite a few over the years. They are amazing creatures. We find if you offer them what they need & love, admiration, good food and an appropriate room, just designed for them, they will graciously relax and enjoy themselves. We love cats, and we take so much pleasure in being able to offer them cat boarding facilities that carefully provide for their absolute comfort, safety and entertainment. Not only do we have the pleasure of caring for cats, we also have the satisfaction of watching our unique and innovative "Cataway" cattery set a new standard of care for cat boarding. We do not ever mix cats from different households together, each room we provide is only for one family's kitty or kitties. No two rooms are alike, and they are carefully designed for feline comfort and fun. We recommend that, if possible, you visit "Cataway" prior to boarding your cat with us, to see for yourself, and get yourself in a more relaxed and comfortable state of mind.


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